Blog Entry #2: Digital Nativity

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Ah, what a tangled web, Humanity. I’m fairly certain that the concept of being a “digital native” is inherently linked to the concept of “de-evolution.” Indeed, in our efforts to make revolutionary  technology more accessible (and more stimulating) we have paved the way for generations of beings who more commonly associate gravity with the gentle slope of their “Angry Bird” on its way to its target than they do with the findings of Newton.

However, this isn’t the fault of the “digital native.” This person wasn’t presented with the option to develop intellectual prowess in the normal way because they were force-fed mommy’s iphone and Finding Nemo, instead of going outside or reading.

I remember running around and playing pickup dodgeball games with neighborhood kids. I remember scrapping my knees and playing in dirt, and not ever having heard the words “anti-bacterial.”

The point is that kids need to learn to walk before they can run, they need to read and write before they’re introduced to a keyboard, and they need to know multiplication tables before being handed a calculator. Need evidence? I’d be willing to bet test scores decreased, obesity increased, and family values were ousted when the Super Nintendo was released. I’d win that bet too, trust me, I was there.

I realize that this is kind of a hardline stance, and I have been asked the question: “Well if it’s so bad, what are you going to do to change it?”

Indeed, standing in the way of progress is very rarely a good thing, but so is cutting corners. That is why, to this day i have never owned a smartphone, and why every extra cent I earn makes its way into savings towards a piece of land to raise my family on. My children won’t fall victim to the complacency that accompanies “easy of use.” They’ll learn not to repeat the mistakes of the past through history books, not wikipedia articles. And they’ll understand community; the kind that comes from speaking face-to face, not through facebook.

And one more point to bring this beast back to my opening de-evolution statement. I recently witnessed (on facebook) a young lady who was bitching to everybody that would listen about how her diet wasn’t eliminating her love handles. Upon reviewing her list of posts, it became apparent that on that very day she had essentially spent 8 straight hours liking cat videos on facebook.

I rest my case


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