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In Chapter 9 of the text on page 116 you will see the following comment:

“Some believe that content providers, including television networks and movie studios, should put ads in their programming and give them away for free.  Others believe the best value proposition is to emphasize the value of content over advertising and sell episodes of films directly, advertising-free, at a higher price than ad-supported media products. At the same time, numerous content providers can cite past failed experiments with a “pay wall” model in which users are expected to pay for content (which may have been previously offered for free), but refuse to do so.”

Comment on this comment by telling which of these models, or some other one not mentioned here, you think will become the standard way of advertising.  Or maybe you think advertising will change completely.  Tell us how. 


With the focus of media shifting to emerging technologies like tablets and e-readers, the traditional advertising methods will have to be adapted to stay relevant.

I don’t believe that television will change much. Since the primary revenue stream for t.v. networks is advertising, they really  have no choice but to continue including ads or go bankrupt. To be honest, since “Tivo” and the DVR revolution most people just record their shows and fast-forward through the commercials anyway.

The big changes will probably come from the  online media sources. Advertisers will be tracking users more closely and directing specific ads based on the viewing history of users. And the payments system will probably be very similar to Google’s system where advertisers only pay for the number of people who interact with the ad.

This is actually a much better system for the advertisers, especially small businesses. Instead of spending an exorbitant sum of money for an ad campaign on a major network, companies will be able to target those who are most likely to purchase their product, and do so at the cost of only a few micro-transactions. 

Efficient, streamlined, and laser-direct; wasn’t that always the promise of technology?


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