Blog Entry #6

A Response To:

The article at the above link discusses how a bank uses digital signage to create a community. Take a look at this and determine whether you think the writer is on to something or whether this is just another instance of someone cheering on a new technology because it is the thing to do. Do you think that the scenario he talks about here is something that will happen elsewhere or is this a unique situation? In other words, what “power” might digital signage have to help companies, communities, and people “brand” themselves?


I immediately notice a number of things that are wrong with this article.

First, the site which published the article is called the “digital signage connection.” They clearly have the agenda of making digital signs seem like the best thing since sliced bread.

Second, the author of the article in the Creative Services Manager for the company that is the focal point of the article. It shows as the self-righteous and upbeat tone of the piece oozes bias.

Lets look at the underlying message: “Digital signs help foster communities.”

Simple response to that statement: no, no they don’t. They may contribute to easing the boredom that patrons feel whist waiting in line every other week to cash their paychecks, but they aren’t encouraging neighbors to willingly loan out cups of sugar, or stop to help you fix a flat tire.

If a bank really wanted to make sure its patrons were satisfied and felt like part of a community, they would offer lower interest rates on houses, not blast happy-go-lucky propaganda from each corner of their lobby.

This isn’t to say that digital signs aren’t useful. They are cost effective means of directing  tailored messages/ ads/ information to a target audience. They are bright, engaging, and often interactive.

But that’s all they are, shiny new advertising methods for a digital age. I’d take this article with a big grain of salt, and leave the community building out of the hands of banking advertisers.


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