Blog Entry #8

A Response To:–175359859.html

Take a look at the short reports at the links above. Speculate on what this news means to American society. Does it matter that PC sales are declining? Why or why not? Does it make any difference what type of devices we use to communicate, surf, buy things, and so on? Where do you think this means we are headed? And are we really becoming sissies because of smart phones and tablets? If so, so what? Do you see any connection between these two articles?


PC sales are dropping and mobile devices are more popular than ever. A telling, but not altogether surprising fact.

I’d like to call immediate attention to the yahoo article, especially the part about consumers.

That is exactly what the average person is these days, a consumer. Tablets and smartphones allow people to network with colleagues and have Google regurgitate whatever trivial bits of information we may need. This is what people have always used computers for, except now we don’t have to be at home to access this functionality.

As it stands, Personal Computers are following the same predictable path that land-line telephones took when cell phones came out, with a few exceptions. Telephones are a rather limited technology, one that is optimized specifically for communication between two or more sources. This is a characteristic inherent to phones of all kinds.

The difference then is that there is an EXTREME gap in functionality between PCs and mobile devices. Mobile devices only have the functionality they do because somewhere there are people designing apps, maintaining blogs and doing all of the other things that make mobile devices viable; and they’re doing it on PCs.

No, PC sales drops are not a big deal. Those companies are already producing tablets. However, the mobility which makes newer devices so desirable also limits their capabilities. This means that there will always be a place for a good old-fashioned desktop PC.

As an aside: No, smartphones and tablets are not turning people into sissies. They’re turning people into mouth-breathers whose perceptions are dictated by others, and who are incapable of escaping their holes as they never took the time to learn how to use a shovel.


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