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We have all heard about music piracy, that is, the illegal downloading of music. The RIAA claims that Google is promoting piracy by not blocking certain sites that have links to free music. Do you think Google should change or is it up to the sites that have the music on them to change? Who is at fault here? In other words, should search engines be censored? You might want to expand your comments beyond just music, but focusing on music and the issue of music piracy is fine as well.


Ah RIAA. The most notorious agency around when it comes to proliferating anti-peer-to-peer douchebaggery. Why would they target Google? It’s because they’re stupid, their cause is stupid, and their ineffectual methods are becoming more and more extreme to compensate for their gross incompetence.

If one is seeking a culprit, or someone to fault, then they should look in the mirror. It is the indomitable human spirit which seeks to do what it is told not to.

My point is that Google is a tool, nothing more. The results it supplies are inferred and ranked based upon their popularity, and by the interest shown by Google’s users. It is therefore not Google’s responsibility to change, as it’s results are shaped by users.

Moreover, I think Google has picked up on the basic theme of humanity: we are going to do what we want until you lock us up, kill us, or take away our money. I would advise those who choose to align themselves with the colossal fucking joke that is RIAA to do a few things:

1. Smack your head into a wall until all the stupid drips out.

2. Open a history book, flip over to the section on the American Revolution, and educate yourselves on what happens when undue regulations are placed on a population.

3. Spoiler alert: we usually end up smacking the shit out of the pretentious turd that seeks to unreasonably regulate us. Tax my tea? Get tarred and feathered. Try to take my gun? Get shot in the face.

Ultimately what I’m getting at is that there is no way to regulate something that is borne on the shoulders of those that don’t follow the rules to begin with. That’s why music pirating will never die off. It’s also why the billion dollar war on drugs remains a miserable failure.

We, as human beings, are predisposed to not go quietly into the night. So regulate away, RIAA, we will only find better ways to ignore you. And when your funds are dried up, your infrastructure in shambles, and your executives having heart attacks brought on by stress, you’ll have been reminded not to bite the hand that feeds you.

In short, Neither Google, nor any other search engine, should cowtow to the whims of the “Holier-than-Thou” regulatory agencies that seek to press their views on the general public.


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