Blog Entry#11

A Response To:

Take a look at the video above and, well, first enjoy it. Then consider what this might mean as a symbol of things that can happen. This particular video is said to have gone “viral.” Why do you think that is? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Why do some videos go viral and others do not? Is this some kind of statement about the type of society in which we live?


It is clear why this video went viral. Of all the subways in all the world, two talented saxophone players happened to be on the same train car at the same time, with their instruments. This video went viral because it captured a moment of pure happenstance that can not be replicated.

This video doesn’t really have a message. It is definitely a celebration of music, arguably one of the highest forms of human expression. And it is a short and entertaining diversion.

However, not all viral videos are created equal. One need only flip the television over to Comedy Central for the newest Tosh.0 episode to see that many viral videos are exercises in lunacy.

Truly, we as human beings are becoming stupider. We find ourselves more interested in the prurient and the perverse than the talented and eloquent.

As it stands, I don’t necessarily feel that viral videos are an adequate representation of humanity, and hope that someday the subway saxophone savants outnumber the dipshits mutilating their genitals.


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