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For this entry you need not look up any web pages.  This one is about mobile phones.  The primary question is how do you think mobile telephones have changed the lives of users over the last several years?  Do you remember when you didn’t have a movile phone?  OK, so when did you get your first mobile phone?  How old do you think kids should be before they get a phone?  You get the idea.  What I am looking for is a statement on the social impact of mobile phones.


Mobile phones are a shining beacon of human technological and social achievement. That’s all there is to it. Technology is meant to make life easier, and mobile phones have decreased our work load tenfold.

No longer are people burdened by the exhausting task of physically locating someone, or at a loss when they forget a document at the office, or doomed to wander aimlessly in an unfamiliar city.

As a matter of time, it is hard for me to remember when mobile phones weren’t a societal norm. It must have been a time when people had to be more decisive; there was no room to be “unsure” about anything. A reliable line of contact was often a person’s most valuable asset, now it is the one most often taken for granted.

On the matter of social impact, mobile phones have changed the way we do everything. Life was once an experience in which a person found themselves in a void when they weren’t at home or in the office. People unconsciously made straight-line vectors to reach safe and contactable destinations. Even then, a person was only available under certain conditions.

I’ll cut the philosophy. In a really short period of time, mobile phones have rendered methods of living and functioning in society that had been present for hundreds of years obsolete. In doing so, they have released the shackles of inability, and ushered in a new age of productivity and efficiency. And mass distraction.


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